BASIC Storage Format

#FILE: $RCSfile: basicfmt.txt $
#DESC: Format of Tokenised Dragon Color Basic
#REV: $Revision: 1.2 $
#DATE: 27/01/94
#AUTHOR: Graham E.Kinns
#DISCLAIMER: All information provided as is etc.
#ARCHIVE: This file is part of the DRGNINFO collection of Dragon info files
#CONTACT: Comments, bugs, revisions, suggestions to
#HISTORY: 1.0 27/01/94 - Initial version
#RCSID: $Id: basicfmt.txt 1.2 1994/05/10 16:46:07 G.E.Kinns Exp $
#XREF: bastoken.txt - BASIC tokens
#      dostoken.txt - Dragon DOS tokens

A single line record is of the format
        word    PTR_NEXT_LINE
        word    LINE_NUM
        byte[]  TOKENISED_DATA
        byte    $00     End of line delimiter

PTR_NEXT_LINE is the memory address of the next line (should be the byte
  after the $00 delimiter.)

LINE_NUM in binary format - over 32,767 sometimes causes signing errors

TOKENISED_DATA - any byte > $7f is a token, $ff defines a function token as the 
  next token byte

The end of data is represented by 2 null bytes, i.e. a $0000 mem pointer.

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