Dragon 64 Differences

#FILE: $RCSfile: d64difs.txt $
#DESC: Dragon 64 differences
#REV: $Revision: 1.2 $
#DATE: 18/12/94
#AUTHOR: Graham E. Kinns
#DISCLAIMER: All information provided as is etc.
#ARCHIVE: This file is part of the DRGNINFO collection of Dragon info files
#CONTACT: Comments, bugs, revisions, suggestions to Dragon@grempc.demon.co.uk
#HISTORY: 1.0  08/07/94 - Initial revision
#RCSID: $Id: d64difs.txt 1.2 1995/08/18 14:19:33 Graham Exp $


1.	Hardware Differences
2.	General Software differences
3.	Detailed 32K mode ROM differences from a Dragon 32
4.	Detailed 64K mode ROM differences from 32K mode

1.	Hardware Differences

1.1	Clock Frequency

	The Dragon 64 uses a 14.218 MHz crystal to give a CPU frequency (by
/ 16) of 0.888625 MHz, a cycle time of 1.125334 us whereas the CoCo and
original Dragon 32s (I'm unsure about later ones) used the NTSC standard
frequency of 14.31818 MHz to give a CPU freq of 0.894886 MHz or 1.117460 us per
cycle.  I suspect this was to reduce the harmonic interaction between the CPU
frequency and that of the PAL crystal ( 4.433619 MHz ) used to generate the TV
output, giving a 'cleaner' video signal.

	The Dragon 64 therefore runs approx 6261 CPU cycles per second slower
than a Dragon 32 / CoCo.

1.2	Additional Memory Support

1.3	Address Decoding

1.4	Serial Port

	The Serial Port is a 6551 ACIA which appears in locations $ff04-$ff07

2.	General Software Differences

2.1	Booting 64K mode

	The default EXEC address is set to $bf49 so an EXEC or EXEC 48000 from
initial D32 mode will enter 64K mode.  This causes a switch to RAM mode, the
D64 BASIC ROM is copied to RAM $c000-$feff and 48K of RAM is available
$0000-$bfff to the BASIC system.  Differences in 64K mode include auto
repeating keys, a blue cursor and the copyright date in the sign on message
changes from 1982 to 1983.  On reset, the machine enters 32K mode, the warm
start interrupt routine points to $bf49 which re-enables 64K RAM mode and
checksums the upper RAM contents.

2.2	Auto repeat support
	The value at location $011f controls both the time delay at which
autorepeat starts and the rate of repeat.  For a stored value n, the delay is
given by n*160 milliseconds and the rate of repeat = 50/n per second.
The default value of n is set to 5 giving a delay of 800ms and a rate of
10 chrs per second.

	To activate the auto-repeat routine in 32K mode, then the address of
the new IRQ routine is placed in the IRQ vector at $010d.  The Dragon 64
Supplement from Dragon Data recommends the following from BASIC:
  POKE &H10D, &HBF
  POKE &H10E, &H20
  POKE &HFF03, (PEEK(&HFF03) OR 1) 
This IRQ routine is not compatible with Dragon DOS attached since the 50Hz IRQ
is trapped by DOS to use for disk timeout etc. before calling the original
service routine at $9d3d

2.3	USR0n fix

	The original Dragon 32 had a bug in the USR routine which caused USR1
to USR9 to be always read as USR0.  The work-around is to use USR01-USR09
instead.  This bug has been fixed but unfortunately USR0n now returns a Syntax
Error on the D64 causing a BASIC incompatiblity.

2.4	Serial port support

	By default, no IRQ handling for the ACIA interrupt is installed in 32K
mode.  This is only activated if the auto repeat routine is installed as

	DLOAD / DLOADM function correctly through the $802a-$8032 hooks
although no documentation was ever officially released, to my knowledge, as
to the protocol involved - standard cassette block format ??

2.5	64K mode BASIC differences

	A notable feature is that the &H operator to specify hex numbers no
longer works directly but VAL("&Habcd") does.  Bug or feature ??

3.	Detailed 32K mode ROM differences from a Dragon 32

Addr	Dragon 32				Dragon 64

$8000	7e bb 40	JMP  $bb40		7e bb_3c_	JMP  $bb3c
	Jump table - Hardware Initialisation routine
	D64 routine contains additional serial port configuration routine

$802d	7e be 7c	JMP  $be7c		7e be_98_	JMP  $be98
	Jump table - read byte from serial port	
	D32 jumps to dummy routine which returns error
	D64 jumps to serial port handler routine

$8030	7e be 7d	JMP  $be7d		7e be_a6_	JMP  $bea6
	Jump table - send byte to serial port
	D32 jumps to dummy routine which returns error
	D64 jumps to serial port handler routine

$8c33 	93 1f		SUBD <$1f		7e 9f ce	JMP  $9fce
$8c35	21 4f		BRN  $8c86		-
$8c36	4f		CLRA			4f		CLRA
	Patch to the MEM routine to handle >32K free memory on D64

$8ca0 	a7 00		STA  0,X		a7 84		STA  ,X
	Change in assembly from 5 bit zero offset to no offset indexing

$98e3	cc ba 42	LDD  #$ba42		cc b8 44	LDD  #$b844
	Sets volume data default stored in $00df:00e0 - Each byte represents
	values sent to $FF20 as DAC data - clearing bit 1 in each case fixes
	problem with garbage being strobed to printer while DAC active.

$9b09	7e 8c 37	JMP  $8c37		7e 9f d0	JMP  $9fd0
	Patch to the VARPTR routine to handle >32K ptrs on D64

$9d00	9d 9f		JSR  <$9f		9d 9f		JSR  <$9f
$9d02	8d 09		BSR  $9d0d		9d 9f		JSR  <$9f
$9d04	34 10		PSHS X			8d 07		BSR  $9d0d
$9d06	8d 2d		BSR  $9d35		34 10		PSHS X
$9d08	35 40		PULS U			8d 2b		BSR  $9d35
$9d0b	c4 9f		STX  ,U			f1 a5		STX  [,S++]
	?? DEF USR fix - note U now is unchanged ??

$9d0e	9d 9f		JSR  <$9f		9d a5		JSR  <$a5
	Bug fix in the USR function which required the D32 to use USR00-09
	instead of USR0-9

$9fce	00 00		Unused			93 1f		SUBD <$1f
$9fd0	00 00		Unused			0f 06		CLR  <$06
$9fd2	00 00		Unused			dd 52		STD  <$52
$9fd4	00 00		Unused			c6 90		LDB  #$90
$9fd6	00 00 00	Unused			7e 9c 3e	JMP  $9c3e
	Extra code to support VARPTRs >32K on the D64

$aae0	d1 19		CMPB <$19		5a		DECB
$aae2	22 09		BHI  $aaed	$aae1	86 06		LDA  #$06
$aae4	5a		DECB		$aae3	3d		MUL
$aae5 	86 06		LDA  #$06	$aae4	db bc		ADDB <$bc
$aae7	3d		MUL		$aae6	d1 19		CMPB <$19
$aae8	db bc		ADDB <$bc		24 03		BLO  $aaed
	Fixes bug which allowed PCOPY page numbers such as 20ish ??

$ae1c	cc 7e 7e	LDD  #$7e7e		cc 7e 7c	LDD  #$7e7c
$ae71	86 7e		LDA  #$7e		86 7c		LDA  #$7c
$aef2	86 7e		LDA  #$7e		86 7c		LDA  #$7c
$af1b	86 7e		LDA  #$7e		86 7c		LDA  #$7c
	Fixes to the volume data sent to DAC to ensure printer strobe line
	remains low.

$b487	8b 8d		data			bf 49		data
	Changes the default EXEC address at $009d:009e to boot 64k mode on D64

$b4a8	00		data			05		data
	Change to set default auto-repeat delay at $011f on D64
$b8cc	26 34		BNE  $b902		26 fa		BNE $b8c8
	Change to ignore cassette i/o errors on match name block ??

$baad	0f 08		CLR  <$08		12		NOP
					$baae	5f		CLRB
	Bug fix to ensure DAC is always selected as audio source when
	producing a sound ??

$bad5	86 7e		LDA  #$7e		86 7c		LDA  #$7c
	Fixes to the volume data sent to DAC to ensure printer strobe line
	remains low.

$bb35	39 39 39 39 39 39 39			00 00 00 00 00 00 00 
	Unused area ??

$bb3c	6e a4 		JMP  ,Y			-	
$bb3e	39 		RTS			-
$bb3f	39		RTS			-
$bb40	cc 00 34	LDD  #$0034	$bb3c	cc 00 34	LDD  #$0034
$bb43	8e ff 00	LDX  #$ff20	$bb3f	8e ff 00	LDX  #$ff00
        ....					....
$bb67	6f 02		CLR  2,X	$bb63	6f 02		CLR  2,X
$bb69 	a6 02		LDA  2,X	$bb65	cc 0a 98	LDD  #$0a98
	-		-		$bb68	fd ff 06	STD  $ff06
	-		-		$bb6b	b6 ff 04	LDA  $ff04
						Inits Serial Port ACIA
$bb6b	8e ff c0	LDX  #$ffc0	$bb6e	8e ff c0	LDX  #$ffc0
	....					....
$bb75	f7 ff c9	STB  $ffc9	$bb78	f7 ff c9	STB  $ffc9
$bb78	85 04		BITA #$04	$bb7b	f7 ff dd	STB  $ffdd
						64Kbit ram chips
$bb7a	27 05		BEQ  $bb81	$bb7e	20 03		BRA  $bb83
$bb7c	f7 ff db	STB  $ffdb	$bb80	7e bf 49	JMP  $bf49
	16Kbit ram chips		  $bb80=48000 D64 64K mode boot exec
$bb7f	20 03		BRA  $bb84	$bb83	5f		CLRB
$bb81	f7 ff dd	STB  $ffdd		-		
	64Kbit ram chips
$bb84	1f 9b		TFR  B,DP	$bb84	1f 9b		TFR  B,DP

$bb92	ce 01 48	LDU  #$0148		bd be ff	JSR  $beff
	Patch to add code to clear serial printer delay and flag $03fd-03ff

$bba0	00 80		data			01 00		data
	Changes default cassette leader byte count at $0090:0091

$bbb1	20 44 4e 53	" DNS"			00 00 00 00	data
	Change to End of Line table default chrs $014d-0150

$bbe9	4d		TSTA			7e be e0	JMP  $bee0
$bbea	35 94		PULS  B,X,PC
	Patch to include Auto-repeat routine into key scan on D64 in 32K mode

$bcf7	f6 ff 22	STA  $ff22		7d 03 ff	TST  $03ff
$bcaa	56		RORB			7e be c5	JMP  $bec5
$bcfb	25 fa		BCS  $bcf7		-		-
	Patch to the lowest level printer routine to support serial printer

$bd16	5a		DECB			7e bf 0c	JMP  $bf0c
$bd17	20 f6		BRA  $bd0f		-		-
	Patch to include check for serial printer end of line delay

$be7b	39 		RTS			34 05		PSHS CC,B
					$be7d	1a 50		ORCC #$50
					$be7f	86 08		LDA  #$08
					$be81	f6 ff 06	LDB  $ff06
					$be84	ca 01		ORB  #$01
					$be86	f7 ff 07	STB  $ff07
	 				$be89	c4 fe		ANDB #$fe
	 				$be8b	b5 ff 05	BITA $ff05
					$be8e	27 fb		BEQ  $be8b
					$be90	f7 ff 06	STB  $ff06
 					$be93	b6 ff 04	LDA  $ff04
					$be96	35 85		PULS CC,B,PC
	Read a byte from serial port, JMP'd to from $802a

$be7c	39 		RTS		$be98	34 05		PSHS CC,B
					$be9a	c6 10		LDB  #$10	
					$be9c	f5 ff 05	BITB $ff05
					$be9f	27 fb		BEQ  $be9c
					$bea1	b7 ff 04	STA  $ff04
					$bea4	35 85		PULS CC,B,PC
	Sends a byte to serial port, JMP'd to from $802d, also called
	from patched printer routine at $bedb

$be7d	53		COMB		$bea6	c1 07		CMPB #$07
$be7e	39		RTS		$bea8	24 12		BHS  $bebc
					$beaa	8e be be	LDX  #$bebe
					$bead	3a		ABX
					$beae	f6 ff 07	LDB  $ff07
					$beb1	c4 f0		ANDB #$f0
					$beb3	ea 84		ORB  #$84
					$beb5	f7 ff 07	STB  $ff07
					$beb8	1c fe		ANDCC #$fe
					$beba	20 01		BRA  $bebd
					$bebc 	53		COMB
					$bebd	39		RTS

					$bebe	03 06 07 08 0a 0c 0e
						Data table maps B to h/w byte
	Set serial port baud rate from B, JMP'd to from $8030

					$bec5	26 14		BNE  $bedb
					$bec7	f6 ff 22	LDB  $ff22
					$beca	56		RORB
					$becb	25 fa		BCS  $bec7
					$becd	7f ff 02	CLR  $ff02
					$bed0	f6 ff 00	LDB  $ff00
					$bed3	ca 80		ORB  #$80
					$bed5	5c		INCB
					$bed6	26 f5		BNE  $becd
					$bed8	7e bc fd	JMP  $bcfd
	Added printer routine - see $bdf7, CC.Z is clear on entry if a serial
	printer is set up.  Otherwise, loops while Printer Busy is high, then
	loops if any key is pressed - this causes the Break check during
	printing to be rendered almost useless.

					$bedb	35 04		PULS CC,B
					$bedd	7e be 98	JMP  $be98
	Added routine to send byte to serial printer called from $bed5

					$bee0	f6 01 51	LDB  $0151
					$bee3	5c		INCB
					$bee4	26 03		BNE  $bee9
					$bee6	f7 01 1d	STB  $011d
					$bee9	4d		TSTA
					$beea	27 11		BEQ  $befd
					$beec	f6 01 1f	LDB  $011f
					$beef	b1 01 1d	CMPA $011d
					$bef2	27 03		BEQ  $bef7
					$bef4	58		LSLB
					$bef5	58		LSLB
					$bef6	58		LSLB
					$bef7	f7 01 1e	STB  $011e
					$befa	b7 01 1d	STA  $011d
					$befd	35 94		PULS B,X,PC
	Added subroutine to implement a simple auto repeat, JMPd to from $bbe9

					$beff	7f 03 ff	CLR  $03ff
					$bf02	7f 03 fd	CLR  $03fd
					$bf05	7f 03 fe	CLR  $03fe
					$bf08	ce 01 48	LDU  #$0148
					$bf0b	39		RTS
	Added code, patched from $bb92 to initialise serial printer data

					$bf0c	5a		DECB
					$bf0d	27 03		BEQ  $bf12
					$bf0f	7e bd 0f	JMP  $bd0f
	Added code, patched in from $bd16 to check for the serial end of
	line delay

					$bf12	10 be 03 fd	LDY  $03fd
					$bf16	27 07		BEQ  $bf1f
					$bf18	bd bb c5	JSR  $bbc5
					$bf1b	31 3f		LEAY -1,Y
					$bf1d	26 f9		BNE  $bf18
					$bf1f	39		RTS
	Added sub, called from $bf0d to implement the serial printer end
	of line delay.

					$bf20	f6 ff 05	LDB  $ff05
					$bf23	2a 0d		BPL  $bf32
					$bf25	c4 08		ANDB #$08
					$bf27	27 08		BEQ  $bf31
					$bf29	b6 ff 06	LDA  $ff06
					$bf2c	84 fe		ANDA #$fe
					$bf2e	b7 ff 06	STA  $ff06
					$bf31	3b		RTI
	New interrupt service routine to support the serial port ACIA.
	If the serial port is not the source, the auto-repeat update at $bf32
	is run.

					$bf32	74 01 51	LSR  $0151
					$bf35	7a 01 1e	DEC  $011e
					$bf38	26 0c		BNE  $bf46
					$bf3a	86 ff		LDA  #$ff
					$bf3c	8e 01 51	LDX  #$0151
					$bf3f	a7 80		STA  ,X+
					$bf41	8c 01 5a	CMPX #$015a
					$bf44	25 f9		BLO  $bf3f
					$bf46	7e 9d 3d	JMP  $9d3d
	Clears the keyoard table to recognise new key codes, then JMPs
	to original IRQ routine

					$bf49	12		NOP
					$bf4a	1a 50		ORCC #$50
					$bf4c	8e bf 5a	LDX  #$bf5a
					$bf4f	ce 01 da	LDU  #$01da
					$bf52	c6 8f		LDB  #$8f
					$bf54	17 fc 40	LBSR $bb97
					$bf57	7e 01 da	JMP  $01da
	64K boot routine, JMP'd to from $bb80 (64000) also set as default EXEC
	address in $009d:009e  This code is also called when doing a 'warm'
	start from 64K mode since 32K ROM mode is re-enabled by the SAM.

					$bf5a	b6 01 1a	LDA  $011a
					$bf5d	81 55		CMPA #$55
					$bf5f	26 16		BNE  $bf77
					$bf61	b7 ff df	STA  $ffdf
					$bf64	8e c0 00	LDX  #$c000
					$bf67	cc 00 00	LDD  #$0000
					$bf6a	e3 81		ADDD ,X++
					$bf6c	8c ff 00	CMPX #$ff00
					$bf6f	25 f9		BLO  $bf6a
					$bf71	10 b3 01 1b	CMPD $011b
					$bf75	27 6f		BEQ  $bfe6

					$bf77	b7 ff de	STA  $ffde
					$bf7a	b6 ff 23	LDA  $ff23
					$bf7d	84 fb		ANDA #$fb
					$bf7f	b7 ff 23	STA  $ff23
					$bf82	f6 ff 22	LDB  $ff22
					$bf85	ca 04		ORB  #$04
					$bf87	f7 ff 22	STB  $ff22
					$bf8a	8a 04		ORA  #$04
					$bf8c	b7 ff 23	STA  $ff23
					$bf8f	b6 ff 22	LDA  $ff22
					$bf92	84 fb		ANDA #$fb
					$bf94	b7 ff 22	STA  $ff22
					$bf97	fe bf f0	LDU  #$bff0
					$bf9a	11 83 36	CMPU #$3634
					$bf9e	27 08		BEQ  $bfa8
					$bfa0	8a 04		ORA  #$04
					$bfa2	b7 ff 22	STA  $ff22
					$bfa5	7e 8b 8d	JMP  $8b8d

					$bfa8	7f 01 1b	CLR  $011b
					$bfab	7f 01 1c	CLR  $011c
					$bfae	8e 80 00	LDX  #$8000
					$bfb1	10 8e c0 00	LDY  #$c000
					$bfb5	ec 81		LDD  ,X++
					$bfb7	b7 ff df	STA  $ffdf
					$bfba	ed a1		STD  ,Y++
					$bfbc	f3 01 1b	ADDD $011b
					$bfbf	fd 01 1b	STD  $011b
					$bfc2	10 8c ff 00	CMPY #$ff00
					$bfc6	24 05		BHS  $bfcd
					$bfc8	b7 ff de	STA  $ffde
					$bfcb	20 e8		BRA  $bfb5

					$bfcd	8e bf f0	LDX  #$bff0
					$bfd0	9f 74		STX  <$74
					$bfd2	9f 27		STX  <$27
					$bfd4	9f 23		STX  <$23
					$bfd6	30 89		LEAX -200,X
					$bfda	9f 21		STX  <$21
					$bfdc	1f 14		TFR  X,S
					$bfde	8e bf 49	LDX  #$bf49
					$bfe1	9f 72		STX  <$72
					$bfe3	7e c0 00	JMP  $c000

					$bfe6	7e c0 03	JMP  $c003

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