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The Dragon Mailing List exists for discussion of the early 1980s Dragon home computer, a near clone of the Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer 2. Originally produced by Dragon Data Ltd in Wales, it was also sold by Tano Corp. in the US and later by Eurohard SA in Spain, selling throughout mainland Europe.

Topics include hardware, software, emulators, 6809, OS/9, Flex, etc. We currently have around 100 subscribers, around half from outside the UK. Traffic is currently light with a few messages a week.

To subscribe, just send an email with  subscribe  in the subject line or body of the message to <dragon-list-request@grempc.demon.co.uk>

A copy of the welcome message and mini FAQ sent to new subscribers can be found here.

Important Note

Due to relocation of the computer hosting the mailing list, dragon-list may be very slow and/or quiet during December 1997. Hopefully things will be back to normal in the New Year.

alt.comp.dragon newsgroup

The newsgroup alt.comp.dragon exists on a few news servers but unfortunately the group doesn't propagate very well due to the state of alt.* and not being listed in uunet's 'official' list.

If your local policy permits, you can access alt.comp.dragon via Demon Internet's public news service, subject to availability i.e. it's probably down at the moment.

Graham E. Kinns
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