Welcome to the Dragon Mailing List

Welcome to the Dragon Mailing List!  This e-mail list exists for the
discussion of the Dragon Data, Eurohard and Tano Corp. computers and
various emulators.

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Who else is on the list?

There are currently around 80 subscribers to this list from countries
all around the world.

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Where is the FAQ?

You're reading it ;-)  We don't actually get many FAQs so don't be afraid
to post any Dragon related questions to the list.

Dragon WWW links

Dragon related information can be found on the following peoples' pages:

 http://public.logica.com/~burginp/dragon.html    Paul Burgin
 http://www.aber.ac.uk/~kja3/dragon/              Ciaran Anscomb
 http://mudhole.ehche.ac.uk/~dragon/              David Linsley
 http://www.dcs.warwick.ac.uk/~ross/micros.html   Ross Hamilton
 http://www.grempc.demon.co.uk/dragon/            Graham Kinns
 http://www.jons-pc.demon.co.uk/dragon.html       Jon Bird

Related newsgroups

An attempt was made to create the newsgroup alt.comp.dragon but
this has not propagated widely as is the nature of alt.* groups.
alt.comp.dragon should be be available on Demon Internet's public
newsservers pubnews.demon.co.uk or pubnews.demon.nl
Please ensure that accessing external newsservers does not break any local
site policy.

Dragon related discussions can occasionally be found in:


bit.listserv.coco is an echo of the BITNET CoCo mailing list.
For information on the CoCo list, send a message with HELP in the
body to listserv@pucc.princeton.edu

Dragon Emulators

For the PC (MS-DOS):

 * CoCo2 v1.4 by Jeff Vavasour  coco2-14.zip

 * PC-Dragon 2.01 by Paul Burgin  pcdgn201.zip

   Both these emulators are available from the SimTel.Net collection.
   Local mirrors for the UK include:

 * T3 by Paul Burgin

   Written in 386 assembler for maximum performance and currently in
   alpha release.  See http://public.logica.com/~burginp/t3.html

For the Amiga:

  Sean Siford <sean@saa-cons.co.uk> has written an Amiga emulator.
  For further information, see Paul Burgin's pages at

Information on ROMs and files for the emulators can be found from the
pages listed in the Dragon WWW Links section above.

This information and more can also be found in the comp.emulators.misc

Dragon Mailserver

A mail server exists to provide Dragon related information in text format.
All this information is available from the WWW links above.

A list of available files may be obtained by sending 'index' in the body
of a message (the Subject: line is ignored) to

National Dragon User's Group (NDUG)

The NDUG is still going with several hundred members in the UK and around
the world, providing a newsletter every 2 months.  Subscription is 
£8.00/year for UK postal addresses (cheques payable to N.D.U.G.)

Outside the UK, the cost is £9.00/year (surface) or £15.00/year 
(airmail).  Payment can be made by Sterling cheques, International Money
Orders or Sterling/foreign currency - cheques on a non-UK bank cannot be
accepted due to the high costs involved in exchanging them here.

The Chairman, Paul Grade can be contacted at:

  6 Navarino Road,

Regards, Graham.    $Id: welcome.txt 1.21 1997/02/15 17:16:23 Graham Exp $

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